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Team Behind Fictionminds

Fictionminds is a game developer and publisher created by group of artists and designers that share a great interest and passion for storytelling and artistry that empowers Filipino fiction and literature. The group brings 20 years of experience in brand development and production process that produce premium products globally.

Driven by a passion for Filipino content, Augusto Ayo, a2designlab‘s founder, and lead artist, says that the concept for all of Fictionminds games started in 2018, but it was only in March 2020 when the team was able to focus and work fully on their concept.

The general idea is for us to develop and release a product that would promote original Filipino content and storytelling. After seven months of brainstorming and planning, Lagim—a collectible card game based on the Philippine’s folklore and mythology—was born.

Promoting Filipino Artistry

The romanticism era influences our main style for the design concept behind the game. You have William Turner, and William Blake there. The contrast in the mood is strong with a touch of gothic style. We don’t want it to be a typical card game with cartoonish illustrations so it can be appreciated by a wider age group.

The team worked hard to achieve this beautiful aesthetic to showcase that Filipino artistry and craftsmanship are world-class. Filipinos can also produce quality products that is meeting the global scale, as they can see in the product’s craftsmanship, the team worked hard to make sure every detail is polished.

We made an effort to treat and produce most of the components to be of the highest quality to achieve product longevity.

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